Grace By Faith Transition Team

  • Say Hello to the new face of Grace by Faith’s Mastiff. Wade, Katie, and their 5 kids (4 currently in the home) have been with us through our last two litters of puppies. Katie and her kids have helped clean, bathe, puppy-sit, administer shots, wormer, and anything else that was needed. They have a Male Mastiff from Sully x Boaz litter from 2017, Remington Priddy, he is an adored member of their family. When we were looking at moving and Katie wanted to carry on the Breeding Program, I was more then happy to leave with it in her more then capable hands. I look forward to seeing Sully x Boaz’s bloodline continue in the future. Stay Tuned as we continually update the website in the next 6 months. 

  • Mary & her 4 boys have been a loved part of Grace by Faith Mastiffs for a few years now. They currently co-own and love Miss Sully on her 10 acre pice of property out of Santa, ID. Sully just hated being within city limits , having spent the last year and a half climbing the moutainsides. When Mary voiced she was needing a large dog to protect her home from all of our wonderful wildlife in the area, we were more then happy to work out a mutual deal that benefited Sully the most. Sully is absolutely adored in their care and loves to explore while they’re out trail-riding. She will retire full-time into their care after her litter is weaned in 2019. 

  • Michael and Jessie are a christian couple, working and living in a beautiful, small town in northern Idaho. We are a very active family, constantly looking for adventures; we love to hike, camp and explore. We are also very active in our local church and their ministries. Michael is a logger and in the woods by early morning, and Jessie is a homeschooling mom of 3 girls.  Sydnee is the oldest at 10, Calli at 6, and Renzi is 3.

    At this time we have 3 amazing Mastiffs in our home, who are well loved and a huge part of our family. Thankfully our hearts are rather full, as we have been blessed many times over. 

    Our philosophy for:

    Our Dogs: We raise beautiful, healthy, registered English Mastiffs, and love our dogs.  We have a strong relationship with our vet and take their recommendations seriously, they have been there for us on the good and the bad days and love our dogs almost as much as we do. Our ultimate goal is to raise beautiful, healthy dogs that have the temperaments that these “gentle giants” are known for, as well as striving for the breed standard. We look for matches for our girls that compliment them in both health and temperament, not just size. Our dogs are well loved and a huge part of our family and I just know your puppy will grow to be a vital part of yours.  

    Our puppies: Are handled and loved from birth, weighed regularly, vet checked for health, wormed and vaccinated before they leave our homes. Caring for these large litters is a full-time job in itself and I have slept beside their box for weeks, bottle fed, helped moms through mastitis, c-sections, and so many other circumstances. We have amazing moms that are so attentive and so many friends that have helped us on many occasions. My kids love these babies and the puppies are exposed to many things and well on their way to socialization when you are preparing to bring them home. Each one of them is important to us, we hope we can help you both in your journey even after your puppy has left our home.

    And Our Hopes For You: We want to help, we want you to be completely comfortable with our home, our dogs, and your puppy (care, socialization, training, health and any other situation that may arise). Reach out if you have questions, and call if it is in need of an immediate answer. We hope to address many things right here on the site, so look around, if you don’t find what you need let us know and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have, if we don’t know we will find a reliable source that does! Your success with your new puppy, whether you have purchased him/her from us or another breeder, is important to us!

Our Dogs

  • SullyMtn Meadows Winter Solstice or Sully as we call her.
    This dog is amazing she has the sweetest, most loving personality. She is fairly certain that we were all put on this earth to rub her belly.  Of course, when you first come to the house she makes sure you know she is there but after that she is the first to want your undivided attention. She can win anyone over, with those big brown eyes of hers. Sully is a big girl and a head turner everywhere she goes. But don’t worry she is not fat, just big-boned, and stocky. Everyone who meets her loves her personality and temperament and true to Mastiff-type frame and size, doesn’t hurt that she is a beauty! She is currently expecting her first litter November 2016 Stay tuned for more information as we get close to puppies.

    Sully’s pedigree can be viewed by clicking here: Pedigree

  • Grace by Faith’s Boaz or Bo-Bo is our first on site stud. You have never seen so much personality in one dog. He is a lover, a talker to, and loves to play. He just turned 2, August 2017, and has been growing steadily the past few months, it will be fun to see how he grows into himself. He is a hoot to watch chase his toys and his favorite thing to do is pop balls; basketballs, soccer balls, foot balls, anything that gives him that satisfying “pssssshhhhhh” of leaking air. In fact, he was rather upset when we bought a horse sized jolly ball and the silly thing would just spring back into it’s original form when he was so sure he had successfully defeated this toy as well.  We are currently looking into furthering his training, and would love to get him pulling a cart, and showing. He is truly is just genuinely happy all the time and always the life of the party. 

    Boaz’s pedigree can be viewed by clicking here: Pedigree

  • Spring 2019, we are planning on keeping back a puppy from our 2019 Litter between Sully x Boaz. Stay tuned for to find out more!