We are up and running!

Hello, from all of us here at Grace by Faith’s Mastiffs.
It has been a crazy couple weeks around here with the holidays and preparing for Sully’s puppies, but thank you all for being so patient. We have received many messages and email asking for our website and we are proud to say that it is finally here. 
We would love to give a huge shout out to Michael’s dad, Richard, at CHVentures for putting this together for us. Richard has put in many hours trying to help us get this site up and running, plus trying to teach me how to run it! We would have never been able to do it on our own and your effort is so very appreciated by us. We love you guys!
Please feel free to look around. If you are on the site and see an error, something we are missing, or have ANY questions, throw us a message we would love your feedback.

P.S. Stay tuned puppies should be here anytime!