2017 Part 3: The Cabin, Home Missions, Work, and PUPPIES!

So the last time I was on here I told everyone we had decided to build a cabin. Since then we have lived and breathed the silly thing, and thankfully we are ready for our roof to go up!

Since my last blog we have had so much going on that I have not even had time to sit down and write anything. This really is just kind of a general rundown of the last few months and the whirlwind of adventures we have had.  

We went up to the Moats’ home on 2 separate occasions and accomplished so much for this deserving family. We built 2 run-in shelters, a horse arena, tore down and burnt some old run-down buildings, along with tons of brush, trees and lumber that were previously piled up. We did a bunch of general clean-up as well as painting the new buildings and an older cabin the same color as their home. We had an amazing time helping them feel like their place was improving rather than falling into disrepair. We can’t  wait to plan another event in the future to bless this family as well as plan a Mission trip maybe a but further for home.

Our Cabin is coming along beautifully and we have been blessed by the guys that have come alongside Michael and helped as well as taught us so much about building a home, the right way. Turns out their is an amazing amount of men in our church that have contracting experience in many different fields and they have made a huge difference in our building process. Many of these gentlemen are working full time jobs and helping us in the 90-100 degree weather just because they want to. There is no way we would be as far as we are without their help.
We have our skids built, as well as the floor down. In fact a friend of ours gave us a whole stack of 1 1/2″ plywood, he had just lying around, to use for our floor (This Cabin will be STURDY). We had a large group out to put the floor down and walls up one Saturday and were able to get everything but the framing for the front door accomplished. We had grand plansto push right on through building, when Michael was injured at work.
Michael was hit by a tree that was being pulled up the mountain and was a hurting unit for a couple weeks. The tree hit him about mid thigh-right above the knees, and was hard enough that knocked his hard hat and radio off of him and rolled him a ways down the Mountain. He walked out of the woods but it was a slow process, and only by God’s hand he had no broken bones, and he was not injured worse or hit somewhere else. This whole situation could have been much worse, as both his co-worker and Dr. were sure it was going to be a broken femur. Thankfully the x-ray showed no broken bones, and he has been improving every day, and is back in the woods. It definitely did not help that the following week, while he was still limping pretty bad, he fell working on the cabin and smashed his other knee hard into the flooring as he was stepping up into the house. It has be a rough few weeks for him as he has been pushing through it all, working ad building as mush as he can. I help where I can, but truly the guys that have stepped in alongside him have been a blessing in so many ways.
The past two weeks we have put the doors and windows in, wrapped and sided the house, and built the lofts for the bedrooms. We are planning on having another group of men out this weekend to get the roof up so we can start on the inside! We have a friend that is an electrician who is going to come out and wire the house, and Michael will do all of out plumbing. So things are getting close for us. We are hoping to get in our home by Mid August at the latest. Our Brown house in town is currently listed for sale, so we are trying to prepare for a 30 day notice- worst case scenario with the cabin. As long as we have a Kitchen and bathroom roughed in, I am game for camping in it while we finish the interior.

On the Mastiff front, Sully is expecting pups between the 15-21st. So keeps us in your thoughts as this next month is going to be CRAZY! She is coming back from the Orr’s home this weekend and we will start preparing for puppies. The Orr’s are great for keeping me updated and in the loop and have been monitoring Sully very closely. Just the other day they were telling me how they can feel them kicking and wiggling all around in there. So here is to a large healthy litter and an easy delivery for Momma!