2017 Part 2: Echo Springs

Recently, we were offered an amazing opportunity to get out of town, and our little family, even the dogs, just love to be out hiking, exploring, and adventuring. We are very close to an amazing woman(Brenda Bittner) who has recently found she could use some help around her place. She has 20 acres on the top of a mountain, but still close to town. Between the views and the fresh air, there is yet to be a better place to relax and unwind. 

This adventure has led us to a couple choices for housing. Brenda is in the process of putting in the rock pad, and hookups and we had to decide whether we buy a camper and live in it over the next two years, or build a cabin on skids that we could move if it was needed? After months of Pros/cons we finally decided the most financially wise decision we could make was to build our own cabin on skids. So let the planning begin. We are hoping to be in this summer, but North Idaho is determined to rain on our parade, and I mean literally.  The rain just has not stopped. We had grand ideas of getting started on the skids and floor before Michael started his new job, but today marks as his first day in the woods and no floor for us.

Which brings me to Michael’s new job. St. Maries lives and breathes on the timber industry in the area. For a small town there is 2 mills and MULTIPLE logging crews, log truck drivers, and anything that could possibly stem from logging. Michael has taken a position as a hooker for a local logging crew in the area and this morning was up at 4 getting ready for his day and it has been absolutely tipping it down (as he would say) since. This will be a whole new schedule for us as the last two years he has worked right through the middle of the day (9-6:30) and now will start coming home anywhere from 1-5 depending on the day and what part of the job they are on. That means more time with the family, and the ability to participate in sports, the ministry, and the kids in general.

We also have an awesome opportunity to lead a Mission to a local families home in Post Falls. Ralph and Sandra Moats have an amazing ministry that they have given up retirement and devoted their lives to. New Hope For Hope Adopted International Kids (NHFAIK) started back after they had adopted kids themselves from China, and were then be contacted abut kids within the U.S. that had been adopted internationally and than for personal reason been put back up for adoption within the states. These kids were being bounced from state to state and family to family with no one to advocate for them and make sure the legal procedures were being followed. Some were even being deported as paperwork was being lost in the mix of it all. Ralph and Sandra, have been touching so many lives of kids both in their homes, and in the area. Some people travelling great distances to seek help in their adoptions. I hope to write another blog in the Near future about this awesome opportunity we are putting together to help a deserving local family! 
This next season of our life should definitely be an exciting one, with a new job, building a cabin, helping with Brenda’s Horses and land, as well as our ministry and all that it entails. Just another season of our whirlwind adventures stay tuned as we update on the dogs, the house, and so much more.