2017 Part 1: The Little Brown House

Sorry to be out of touch for so long. Life around here has been very hectic, to say in the least. 
Where to even start. The house, my health, the dogs, our ministry…. This may become a series of blogs. 

Chaos at the Pomeroy’s: Part 1. 
A little bit of backstory to get you all up to date:

In November of 2015 we moved into the little brown house in town in hopes of flipping it and making enough that we could put a down payment on a piece of property. 
We started off renting it as we did the repairs necessary to the home for it to qualify for a FHA Loan.  As we were starting the process we quickly found that there is a downside to there being way to many middle men.  As the home was being sold by owner from a local church they understandingly had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the approval they needed to move forward. Each step would take months to get through and longer if something needed changed. 
In November of 2016 Michael was offered a position on a local logging crew and after a month of debating and pros/cons we accepted the job. We turned in a 3 month notice with NAPA and our last day was to be March 18th. We contacted the owners of the home and told them about our new deadline, as at that point we would no longer have previous employment for a loan. All of us were glad to have a deadline, and an end in sight no matter the outcome.

Well March 18th has come and gone and clearly God has different plans for us. About a month ago we were contacted by Brenda, the widow of the gentlemen Michael had moved out here to work for, and she was looking for some help on her property and was wondering if we would be interested in moving out that way. Brenda is a dear friend of mine, and the closest thing I had to family in the area after we moved here. We told her that we were waiting for the house to either go through or fall through before we could make a decision and not 3 days later the loan officer told us our processing would not even happen until March 17th. 

As of the last few weeks we have decided that we are going to move out to her property and help her out and in turn hopefully save as much as we can to still be able to but our own place!