Individual Puppy Pictures are up on the site.

Finally found a moment to take a couple pictures of the new babies.

It’s really hard to tell how light or dark their colors will be until a few weeks down the road but the Apricot/Brindles make it easy to guess there main color, just not the shade of each puppy. Their unique coloring will change a lot over the next few weeks, so of course I do not expect anyone to pick their puppy now and in fact I don’t recommend it. However, If you want to give me a heads up on who you are thinking about or just want to talk about these beautiful babies, I am always up to it.

Feel free to look at the babies and ask any questions you may have. The three girls are still available. 


P.S. stay tuned I would like to address Sully’s C-section and my thoughts on the ordeal later this week!